iS Biography of a Jam Trio

iS - Biography of a Jam Trio

iS is an unusual, three piece jam band that delivers live performances to electrify audiences. The bands name, which loosely means “The present tense”, emphasizes their improvisational nature. Each show offers a unique experience that includes diverse, memorable songs and exceptional musicianship.

iS is
Pieter VanLeeuwen - Lots of Keyboards and Vocals
Michael A. "Feet" Friest - Big Badass Bass and Vocals
Matt "Max" Donohue - Drums, Cymbals and other Percussion Noises

In the late ‘90’s, Michael and Pieter moved from upstate New York to central California to write captivating music and eventually tour. Upon meeting their first drummer “Tuck”(also from New York State) in March of 2004, they soon completed their search for a new sound. Within a few rehearsals it became apparent that they had found what they were looking for so they set out to tour as a three piece. Recently with the addition of their new drummer Matt Donahue, iS is exploring new territory and continuing to write and perform live.

has a distintive, exciting style; a high energy form of music that combines insightful songwriting, soulful vocals and dynamic jams. iS unites its audience in a moving, musical experience while accomplishing an incredibly full sound with only three members. Over the past six years, iS has performed vigorously throughout the U.S., touring extensively through California with numerous performances in Nevada, Utah and Colorado. Since their cross-country 2007 summer tour, iS has been establishing themselves on the east coast. The band now lives in the Dutchess County area of New York State and continues to be devoted to touring and live performance.